Mexico City Trip

Every year for the last three years, my Wife and I have made it a goal to travel somewhere new out of the country. Last year we traveled to Europe and experienced great countries and cultures.

In 2017 we had to save for our wedding so I was nervous that we would not have the opportunity to save and travel. During the summer after paying for our wedding I saw there was an opportunity for us to travel by attending a San Francisco Giants game sponsored by Virgin Airlines. They were offering deals of purchasing one plane ticket and getting the one for free. Well the other one wasn’t actually free, you would be required to pay taxes on it. So I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone, attending my annual Giants game with my college roommate and getting the Virgin Airlines deal. Unlike our previous two foreign trips, the trip was purchased and planned by me because I thought it would be a great surprise to present that as a surprise to my wife on our wedding day.

A few weeks after our wedding we were shocked along with the rest of the world to see an earthquake had killed and affected the lives of thousands as it devastated Mexico Capital and areas near it. After seeing what the earthquake did we were undecided if we would still go or not. Our trip was the for the second week in October, 3 weeks after the earthquake on September 19.

I thought it would still be ok to travel there but was a little reluctant, in fear the city would not be in good shape. My wife on the other hand did not share the same optimism. She thought we should cancel and go somewhere else another time. As our date to leave came closer, I convinced her everything would still be ok to go. I looked up every news outlet broadcasting I could on the state of Mexico City to make sure it was still safe to visit.

I was ecstatic to be in Mexico for the first time. To my surprise there was so much to see and do in Mexico. To put the city into words it was awesome! The people were incredibly hospitable, the food was phenomenal, there was an unlimited amount of things to do, and was fairly an inexpensive trip.

This was such a fun experience for my wife and I. It definitely ranks up there with one of the best places ever visited. Oh and I forgot to mention I made the biggest mistake a photographer can make by forgetting to bring my camera. I was stuck with my iPhone 6 to pick up the slack. I realized with the right lighting phone cameras aren’t that bad. Now I would probably prefer to only travel with my phone as my primary camera because it is so convenient and inconspicuous. No one cared what I was doing with my phone but everytime I look as if I’m pointing my camera their way people look suspicious. I think people don’t care about phone cameras as much because they maybe seen for casual user whereas professional cameras are the real thing.


The Art of Panning Cont..

Sorry for the delay in the lack of recent post, unfortunately during the winter it’s hard for me to get out and shoot as much as I would like to. A while ago I wrote a post on panning. It has been a learning experience which has continuously interested me over the past few months. I love the spontaneity of what happens as you are shooting while doing street photography. The experience is duplicated while panning as well. Here are some of my favorite shots from a recent trip to San Francisco.

To start my friend Henry and I like to find busy areas to get panning shots, which enables  ample opportunities to perfect the shutter speed and aperture you would like to shoot at for a particular shot. I’ve read how some people set there cameras to particular settings and let the camera do the rest, but for myself it’s a bit more complicated than that. For me I adjust the settings based on how fast or slow the object is going.

During times of traffic or in a busy city like San Francisco you can leave the settings alone because most of the cars are traveling at the same speed. It’s always nice when your settings are right and you can line up the shot you want.  While panning it takes me a few minutes to adjust to the speed of traffic so during that time I fix the settings to align with the shots I have in mind. Henry and I always joke about doing a panning workshop one day, but until then I’ll continue trying to perfect my skills at the art.

Fun, Fun, Fun…

I am interested in photography because I enjoy it. For that reason, I think it will be hard for me to consider taking up photography as a profession. I’m not a fan of doing photo shoots for people because they can be too specific about what they want out the photos which takes the thrill of spontaneity away from me. Which is why I enjoy candid street photos. I’m able to edit the photos how and when I like with no scheduled timetable. I’m in no way knocking people who make money by doing photo shoots because I’d love to get paid for doing street photography. Everything about walking the streets with my camera is fun; the thrill of getting the perfect shot, catching people in their natural elements, and even being spotted by someone and yelled at for taking their photo. It’s all FUN!!! These are some of my latest photos.