With Great Power, There’s Great Responsibilities

When I started shooting street photography I was using my iPhone 5. I was not very well versed in cameras and what kind of camera I should purchase. When I went to Instameets, I would see and hear these photographers nice gear and hear them talk about full frame cameras. At that time I became close with one of the local photographers named Henry who I met at an Instameet and we hit it off. Henry was just getting into street photography, but knew a great deal about cameras and gear because he helped his wife with wedding shoots and also did portraits with local models. Henry would always tell me “You don’t need a full frame man!” but I was stubborn and wanted one anyway. I was convinced that’s what I needed to be an official photographer, so I went out and bought a Nikon D610 and soon after bought a 24/70 2.8 lens for it. It wasn’t long after that I realized I made a mistake. The camera and lens were great but for street photography the gear was too heavy to carry around all day.

During that summer, my fiancée and I traveled to Europe for two weeks which was my first time out of the country. I was so excited to have a nice camera but was miserable carrying my huge camera and lens around everywhere we went. From Northern Italy to Austria I walked with that thing everywhere. During the trip I was able to take some amazing photos but when we returned to the U.S. I knew I couldn’t keep walking the streets with that gear so I had to downside. Sold all of my gear and purchased a Fujifilm X100T and I love it! Here are some of my photos with the Nikon D610. Lastly, please check out my good friend Henry Hhyunh’s work. Henryhhuynh