Recently I have been fascinated with panning. For those of you who are familiar with panning in photography, the idea is to capture some kind of clarity with moving objects while everything else is blurred. For the most part panning is done with moving cars, but can be done with moving boats, bikers, motorcycles, skaters and even with people walking. My friend Henry is an expert in the art and thought me how to do it, now I love trying to capture new things while panning on our walks throughout the city.

As you can see, panning is truly an art form and can inspire street photographers to create unique photos. Now the trick is having the right settings to pan. You have to set your aperture high, so around 11-16 and the shutter speed is set to 1/15 sec to 1/30 sec. Once the settings are right you are ready to go out and pan.


4 thoughts on “The Art of Panning

  1. I like your panned images. I hadn’t thought about panning slow subjects.
    I have used that technique many times in the past 40+ years. My favourite subjects are dragsters (the background is so neat when following a dragster at 200mph) and horse racing is fun also.
    You have got me thinking and I plan on following your advice the next time I try street photog. Thanks.

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